The International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), AFL-CIO & CLC, is a diverse labor union advocating on behalf of more than 80,000 women and men in professional, technical, administrative and associated occupations in the United States and Canada. Our members are employed by federal, public and private employers. We balance the broad range of our members’ interests by adhering to democratic processes and consensus decision-making. Unique in representing highly educated and skilled women and men, IFPTE combines the collective bargaining strength of a union with the autonomy and specialization of a professional association.
Why We Exist

We exist for the tens of thousands of women and men working in professional and technical occupations as a resource once they decide to organize their workplace. Our members are committed to assisting others professionals in organizing their own union with IFPTE, just as previous members helped them in gaining a real voice in their workplace.

We exist to give our members an effective voice in the legislative process and issues that affect their careers and families. All of us are impacted by our international, national, state and provincial legislatures in one manner or another. Through IFPTE, organized professionals can express their concerns, as well as ideas on how to improve their lives and communities to legislatures. This is not the same as being involved in party politics. We pride ourselves has being a union that focuses on the issues that concern our members, not ideology.

We exist to raise the standards by which all professional and technical employees live and work. Working together employees gain a contract to ensure their professional integrity, partner on equal standing with their employer, and to stop the cycle of outsourcing for the benefit of a few at the expense of the employees, but also the long term success and mission of the business or agency.

We exist so our members can join in solidarity with other professionals in the United States and Canada. No Union is an island. By joining together with other organized employees we can share knowledge and assist each other during challenging times.